ICYMI: Python powered for IoT manufacture week, CircuitPython beta, and thousands of thousands of thanks… #Python #Adafruit #CircuitPython #ICYMI @circuitpython @micropython @ThePSF @Adafruit

ICYMI: Python powered for IoT manufacture week, CircuitPython beta, and thousands of thousands of thanks… #Python #Adafruit #CircuitPython #ICYMI @circuitpython @micropython @ThePSF @Adafruit

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At some stage within the LIVE Microchip Livestream occasion on March 12, 2019 at 9am PT / 12pm ET US, which is form of factual now whenever you’re lawful receiving this publication Tuesday on schedule. Microchip will be giving freely 5 Adafruit PyPortals for IoT Invent week! It is likely you’ll presumably additionally register here for various prizes whenever it’s essential to to presumably’t tune in to the live veil.

CircuitPython four.0.0 Beta Three released!

The CircuitPython four.0.0 Beta Three release is equipped here: https://github.com/adafruit/circuitpyth … 0.0-beta.Three. That is a beta invent of four.0.0. Beta Three includes many displayio enhancements, bleio fixes, provides rotaryio reinforce to nRF and provides frequencyio to SAMD. There are aloof points to fix sooner than a real release and the novel APIs could presumably evolve somewhat more, nonetheless it absolutely’s getting shut! Please back take a look at it.

Derive the latest binaries for your board on the novel web predicament and examine GitHub for the full diminutive print.


Admire making web sites and be pleased to back with CircuitPython? We’ve lawful setup circuitpython.org and could presumably use your back to mark it greater. PRs welcome here – GitHub.

Pirate Translation for CircuitPython messages


“Belay that! Invalid pin for port-facet channel.” There are now pirate messages for CircuitPython – GitHub. Add yours, ye matey!

pyboard-D collection replace!

The newest MicroPython publication is here and it has updates to boot to diminutive print on the upcoming pyboard-D collection!

A quantity of effort has been spent at some stage within the last months verifying the steadiness of the diagram and making particular it’s factual for tough embedded methods. The novel pyboard uses a Cortex-M7 which is a excessive-efficiency CPU and we wished to tag the full implications of the evolved functions of this CPU and their interplay with the comfort of the microcontroller diagram. We did bear in mind some points when the use of the initiating air QSPI flash in reminiscence-mapped mode which be pleased now been resolved.

News from spherical the accumulate!

Scott is doing a CircuitPython mentored lag for various novices at PyCon. A mentored lag is a newcomer’s introduction to contributing to an delivery source mission. Here is the answer to make contributions to CircuitPython. Even as you’re going to PyCon and both be pleased to lead a mentored lag or be fragment of one, register here.

That is beautiful spruce, a person did a PR and opened a controversy for some MIDI control documentation and whereas they were coding since 1982, they’re novel to Python and GitHub. After reviewing our guides on “Taking part with version control” and “Contributing to CircuitPython with git and GitHub” they were ready to efficiently compile their PR merged – GitHub.

Meet RED! – Have + Code for a Tea Tin Robot made the use of Circuit Playground Explain and CircuitPython, by ReduceYouTube & Google doc.

Adafruit PyPortal Wedge Box by atmakers – Thingiverse.

The newest Maker Replace – Adafruit edition! Flipping switches, free boards for PyCon, shields, swords, robotic music, crimson rovers, LED legs, neon bikes, Lidar for canines, and a examine PyPortal – YouTube.

Robo HAT MM1 – An delivery source robotics and automation controller for Raspberry Pi. Now on Hackaday.io

Making HIDAttacks comely as soon as more… PoC to bring collectively DuckyScript to CircuitPython and embed it into a template. This makes it straight forward to configure it to the board or as means to trigger it, running on MiniSAMTwitter.

Inspiring button by Leon from Python Discord! – YouTube.

@eldritech is experimenting with PyGame Zero GUIs for MicroPython & CircuitPython gadgets/robots. Video reveals responses to mouse activity – Twitter.

@Packratt1 changed the Arduino controller on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 bot, with an Adafruit CircuitPython essentially essentially based CRICKIT board – Twitter.

Stroll thru talking with cell modems thru UART with CircuitPython – GitHub.

Assemble: Journal overview: Adafruit HalloWing M0 Explain – MakeZine.

SparkFun released a ESP32 WROOM board that is Adafruit FEATHER compile-factor compatible. At the core of this module is the ESP32-D0WDQ6 chip which is designed to be both scalable and adaptive. To mark the Thing Plus even more straightforward to use, they moved about a pins spherical to mark the board Feather compatible. Alasdair Allan on the hackster.io weblog writes “With Arduino within the strategy of leaving leisurely their “classic” compile factor that has for some years now been the fashioned, in favour of one thing more unusual, the community appears instead to be adopting Adafruit’s Feather as the next fashioned. Nothing means that bigger than the appearance of a SparkFun Feather board.”hackster.io

Be pleased a magical day, student fascinating artwork, made with CircuitPython – YouTube.

Joshua Vaughan, Mechanical Engineering Affiliate Prof. at UL Lafayette, posted up the latest notes and audio from the #MCHE201 lecture, continuing the lag thru MicroPython with traditional operations within the REPL and blinking LEDs – MCHE 201: Intro to Engineering Invent.

Damien George offers his work-in-growth solution to loading native code from MicroPython modules – YouTube.

March 10 Linktastic MicroPython – melbournemicropythonmeetup.github.io

MicroPython board abstract – GitHub.

A Logitech Low 3D Professional USB Joystick – LE3DPUSBH takes input from the Logitech joystick and outputs JSON on the Trinket M0 UART Tx pin at 921,600 bits/sec. This excessive urge is traditional as a result of JSON is verbose – GitHub.

Google Coral Edge TPU: the Coral Dev Board is a single-board-computer that contains an Edge TPU coprocessor. It’s supreme for prototyping novel projects that inquire of mercurial on-diagram inferencing for machine studying fashions. Adafruit has about a on repeat, we’ll compile Blinka, CircuitPython on Linux, running on it – Coral.

Python code to draw traditional remote operations with a Rohde and Schwarz RTO1044 Oscilloscope, including waveform pick, veil, and FFT – Tips Chasers.

Text-essentially essentially based lag games that print out in true time, with Quest Smith: the Raspberry Pi Zero W–pushed handheld gaming diagram – YouTube & Raspberry Pi.

Assemble xkcd-trend plots from Python – Hackaday.

Python programs to seem at or veil abilities – GitHub.

Notorious firms and the use of Python – futuremind.com

p2j – Python to Jupyter Pocket e book. Convert your Python source code to a Jupyter pocket e book with zero intervention – GitHub.

A set of Python code snippets and cheatsheets (made for folks) – GitHub.

Discovering Hidden APIs with Python – YouTube & GitHub.

The fourth annual Originate Provide Yearbook appears to be back at 20 years of delivery source and rounds up sizzling novel applied sciences and traits – opensource.com. The Originate Provide Yearbook has loads of comely Python connected scream material: Originate Provide Cheat Sheets Python Three.7, Working a Python application on Kubernetes, is BDFl a loss of life sentence? 10 Hiya World programs for your Raspberry Pi, top Eight Python conferences to support in 2019, and Forty top Linux and delivery source conferences in 2019.

Recordsdata Portability, no longer Originate Provide? Is it time for the GPL to die? – Medium.

Redesigning a Github repository page – Nikita.

‘cursewords’ is a “graphical” characterize line program for fixing crossword puzzles within the terminal. It will be traditional to delivery recordsdata saved within the widely traditional AcrossLite ‘.puz’ format – GitHub.

Python: essentially the most queried language on Stack Overflow – Global App Testing.

QR Code generator library. This mission goals to be the top, clearest library for generating QR Codes – nayuki.io

The express of font rendering on Linux – PandaSauce.

Ghidra is a diagram reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools developed by NSA’s Research Directorate in reinforce of the Cybersecurity mission – ghidra-sre.org, NSA, and GitHub. Screenshot by task of Trammell.

The two most crucial diagram construction abilities aren’t technical – Atomic Object.

Accurate quote from Asim, it’s real – Twitter.

#ICYDNCI What changed into essentially the most unusual, most clicked hyperlink, in remaining week’s publication? A Halo for Lucy – CircuitPython assistive tech for canines.

CircuitPython Weekly March 11th, 2019 on YouTube and on diode.zone

PyDev of the Week: Maria Khalusova on Mouse vs Python

PyPoral – Internet of Gremlin Things

Don’t compile them wet, don’t set them shut to gentle, especially sunlight, and finish no longer feed them after heart of the night time, no subject how powerful they beg. This appears handle a straightforward field of principles for conserving a pet mogwai from becoming a green monster gremlin, but, it appears to happen every single time.

“You finish with Mogwai what your society has performed with all of nature’s gifts! You finish no longer tag! You will need to no longer titillating” – Mr. Fly (Grandfather)

We’re titillating now. With this IoT Wi-Fi dread clock (video), the mogwais is per chance no longer ready to sneak spherical and switch the clock, it uses adafruit.io and a time server. The diagram gets on-line, gets the time after which has 2 alarms: heart of the night time, lets DO NOT FEED, then at 8am, back to being ready to feed the mogwai. Made with CircuitPython on the PyPortal – adafruit.com/pyportal

Coming soon

Working up a puppet family photo soon, including Blinka the superior CircuitPython snake!

Workin’ on a future breakout – this one is an ESP32 breakout board for use with CircuitPython boards as a co-processor and even whenever you’d handle one thing compact and no USB-serial converter. We’re the use of a Teensy Three.6 with SD card to jot down the take a look at firmware over serial the use of the ROM bootloader, urge some assessments, after which burn the final firmware. It’s slower than characterize line, nonetheless more straightforward to urge two at a time, so … we mediate here goes to determine! – YouTube.

Fresh Learn Guides!

CRICKIT Display veil Demo Board from Dano Wall

PyPortal Twitter Follows Trophy from John Park

Circuit Playground Explain Rocket Lamp from Archie Roques

Updated Guides – Now With Extra Python!

It is likely you’ll presumably use CircuitPython libraries on Raspberry Pi! We’re updating all of our CircuitPython guides to veil the answer to wire up sensors to your Raspberry Pi, and cargo the obligatory CircuitPython libraries to compile going the use of them with Python. We’ll be including the updates here so it’s essential to to presumably without complications defend song of which sensors are titillating to trail. Examine it out!

Adafruit GPIO Expander Bonnet for Raspberry Pi

Adafruit 15×7 CharliePlex FeatherWing

IS31FL3731 sixteen×9 Charlieplexed PWM LED Driver

CircuitPython Libraries!

CircuitPython reinforce for hardware continues to develop. We’re including reinforce for observe spanking novel sensors and breakouts continuously, to boot to bettering on the drivers we already be pleased. As we add more libraries and replace contemporary ones, it’s essential to to presumably defend up with the total changes factual here!

For the latest drivers, derive the Adafruit CircuitPython Library Bundle.

Even as you’d be pleased to make contributions, CircuitPython libraries are a immense field to inaugurate up. Be pleased an belief for a novel driver? File a controversy on CircuitPython! Attracted to serving to with contemporary libraries? Examine out this GitHub declare on CircuitPython for a top level concept of the Teach of the CircuitPython Libraries, up so a long way per week. We’ve included delivery points from the library declare lists, and diminutive print about repo-diploma points that ought to be addressed. We be pleased now a handbook on contributing to CircuitPython with Git and Github whenever you’d handle back getting started. It is likely you’ll presumably additionally safe us within the #circuitpython channel on the Adafruit Discord. Be at liberty to contact Kattni (@kattni) with any questions.

It is likely you’ll presumably examine out this listing of the total CircuitPython libraries and drivers accessible.

The contemporary collection of CircuitPython libraries is 136!

Updated Libraries!

Here’s this week’s up so a long way CircuitPython libraries:

PyPI Derive Stats!

We’ve written a undeniable library known as Adafruit Blinka that makes it conceivable to use CircuitPython Libraries on Raspberry Pi and varied compatible single-board computers. Adafruit Blinka and the total CircuitPython libraries were deployed to PyPI for immense straight forward set up on Linux! Here are the tip 10 CircuitPython libraries downloaded from PyPI within the rest week, including the entire downloads for those libraries:

Library Final Week Entire
Adafruit-Blinka 564 18943
Adafruit_CircuitPython_BusDevice 332 9347
Adafruit_CircuitPython_Register 186 2191
Adafruit_CircuitPython_NeoPixel 152 2835
Adafruit_CircuitPython_MotorKit ninety 1158
Adafruit_CircuitPython_ServoKit 89 755
Adafruit_CircuitPython_BME280 86 1199
Adafruit_CircuitPython_PCA9685 eighty 1076
Adafruit_CircuitPython_Motor seventy seven 1135
Adafruit_CircuitPython_LIS3DH fifty 9 1014

Upcoming events!

KiCon is a KiCad person targeted convention. Held for the principle time ever, April 26th and twenty seventh 2019 in Chicago IL. Adafruit is a sponsor – kicad-kicon.com

Digi-Key + Adafruit @ PyCon!

PyCon 2019 returns Can even merely 1–9, 2019 to Cleveland, OH – with talks, tutorials, sprints, and more!

Mountainous files! Digi-Key and Adafruit be pleased teamed up for PyCon 2019 so every attendee (about four,000!) will receive a SPECIAL EDITION Circuit Playground Explain, running … CircuitPython.

This effort is to compile Python on hardware to essentially the most folk available, at the events that bring folks collectively.

That is lawful really apt one of many efforts we’re teaming up with Digi-Key to continue to gas the total developers from novices to pro, the use of Python on microcontrollers.

What else is taking place? The CircuitPython staff will be running several Originate Spaces classes (as they did remaining year), displaying the answer to use CircuitPython on the Digi-Key / Adafruit PyCon special edition Circuit Playground Explain. We’ll be pleased extra addons to play with additionally: potentiometers, NeoPixel strips, and servos. The staff will be running a CircuitPython Streak for several days to work on CircuitPython libraries and CircuitPython core code. BYOMUSB “Lift your be pleased Micro USB” cables, we’ll be pleased some to borrow at some level of the sprints/classes, to boot to about a USB C adapters, comely belief to bring one too!

The PyCon 2019 convention, which is able to determine field in Cleveland, is the top annual gathering for the community the use of and growing the initiating-source Python programming language. It is produced and underwritten by the Python Software Basis, the 501(c)(Three) nonprofit organization devoted to advancing and promoting Python. Thru PyCon, the PSF advances its mission of growing the realm community of Python programmers.

We would perchance be pleased a long way more updates, defend tuned to the Adafruit weblog, Twitter, Discord, and more!

Latest releases

CircuitPython’s real release is Three.1.2 and its unstable release is four.0.0-beta.Three. Fresh to CircuitPython? Open with our Welcome to CircuitPython E-book.

20190311 is the latest CircuitPython library bundle.

v1.10 is the latest MicroPython release. Documentation for it’s here.

Three.7.2 is the latest Python release. The newest pre-release version is Three.Eight.0a2.

1076 Stars Admire CircuitPython? Important person it on GitHub!

Demand back – CircuitPython messaging to varied languages!

We no longer too long ago posted on the Adafruit weblog about bringing CircuitPython messaging to varied languages, really apt one of many titillating functions of CircuitPython four.x is translated control and mistake messages. Native language messages will back non-native English audio system tag what’s taking place in CircuitPython although the Python keywords and APIs will aloof be in English. When that you might like to back, please publish to the principle declare on GitHub and be half of us on Discord.

We made this graphic with translated textual scream material, we would use your back with that to be particular we bought the textual scream material factual, please examine out the textual scream material within the image – if there could be anything else we failed to compile lawful, please let us know. Dan sent me this to hand predicament too.

11,057 thanks!

The Adafruit Discord community, where we finish all our CircuitPython construction within the initiating, reached over 11,057 folks, thank you! Join at the novel time! https://adafru.it/discord

Python on hardware, made in NYC – four million thank yous’

On March 6, 2019, really apt one of our PnP (pick and field) machines recorded over four million produced boards!

We reached:

  • Three million boards on Jan 19, 2018.
  • 2 million boards on November 11, 2016
  • 1 million boards on June 25, 2015.

And all these are what you’d request, CircuitPython running electronics! Adafruit Circuit Playground Explain, Adafruit Feather M0 Explain, Adafruit Feather M4 Explain, Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Explain, Adafruit GEMMA M0, Adafruit Big Central M4 Explain featuring the SAMD51, Adafruit HalloWing M0 Explain, Adafruit ItsyBitsy M0, Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4, Adafruit METRO M0 Explain, Adafruit Metro M4, Adafruit NeoTrellis M4, Adafruit Trinket M0, Adafruit PyPortal.

2,000,000 thanks from Adafruit!

On March Eight, 2019 @ 7:fifty five pm ET the 2,000,000 repeat changed into positioned on adafruit.com for an Adafruit FONA 808 – Mini Mobile GSM + GPS Breakout, Adafruit Closing GPS FeatherWing, Mini GSM/Mobile Quad-Band Antenna – 2dBi SMA Hasten, Adafruit Feather M0 with RFM95 LoRa Radio – 900MHz – RadioFruit, Adalogger FeatherWing – RTC + SD Add-on For All Feather Boards, and included the free items: Adafruit Perma-Proto 1/2-sized Breadboard PCB, Boomy the BoomBox – Restricted Version Enamel Pin. We emailed the 2,000,000th buyer and here is what they’d to advise…

I love adafruit, and level out to my daughters that I repeat frigid stuff from adafruit as a result of it’s a woman owned enterprise, and Limor demonstrably reveals that its OK to be in tech, be yourself (and be pleased frigid hair), although I’m keen on mohawks. Lol. You guys are freakin’ profitable! I purchased items for my tortoise tracker (sure… in actual fact… he escaped and managed to high-tail a mile away or so, whereas I changed into handle 3d printing, LoRa and GPS for the receive!). The reality that I came about to be the fortunate buyer makes it lawful that a long way more profitable. Thanks so powerful, and thank you for being an improbable company and an real inspiration – Passe dude with a mohawk.

On November 13, 2018 @ Three:18 pm ET the 1,900,000 repeat changed into positioned for a Lock-sport Settle Teach!. On July 23, 2018 at 1:fifty five pm ET the 1,500,000 repeat changed into positioned for a Raspberry Pi Zero W. On January 27, 2016 @ 10:forty 9:52am ET the 1,000,000th repeat changed into positioned for a Mini-Theremin Equipment from Gakken. On October sixteenth, 20015 @ 09:24:46am we hit 900,000 orders – Previously on June 2 2015 at 10:50am we hit 800,000 orders! On Feb, 6 2015 at 6:06am ET we hit our 700,000th repeat! On October sixth, 2014 we hit our 600,000th repeat. On Can even merely 14, 2014 we hit our 500,000th repeat. Sooner than that in December of 2013 we hit four hundred,0000 orders after which beforehand in June of 2013 we hit our 300,000 orders. On November twenty fifth, 2012 we hit 200,000 orders. In August of 2011 we hit a hundred,000 orders.

The main repeat since we started counting orders this means changed into positioned on October twelfth, 2005 for a x0xb0x. Thanks all individuals within the community for the total reinforce, all individuals here at Adafruit is here thanks to our community, we finish no longer be pleased loans or enterprise capital, we’re a a hundred% woman owned, delivery-source hardware company, manufacturing in NYC, Adafruit exists thanks to all you. Particular thanks to Daigo at the novel time to boot, comely timing. It additionally came about on #InternationWomensDay. And it appears to be handle our CFO Stella guessed what day we’d hit the milestone within 24 hours AGAIN. Thanks! Ladyada and your entire staff at Adafruit.

ICYMI – Even as you happen to missed it

The supreme world of Python on hardware! That is the video-publication-podcast that we’ve started! The total files comes from the Python community, Discord, Adafruit communities and more. It’s fragment of the weekly publication, then we now be pleased got a section on ASK an ENGINEER and here is the video reduce from that! The total Python on Hardware weekly videocast playlist is here.

This video podcast is on iTunes, YouTube, IGTV (Instagram TV), and XML.

Weekly community chat on Adafruit Discord server CircuitPython channel – Audio / Podcast edition – Audio from the Discord chat space for CircuitPython, conferences are frequently Mondays at 2pm ET, here is the audio version on iTunes, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and XML feed.


The CircuitPython Weekly Newsletter is a CircuitPython community-urge publication emailed every Tuesday. The total archives are here. It highlights the latest CircuitPython connected files from spherical the accumulate including Python and MicroPython developments. To make contributions, edit subsequent week’s draft on GitHub and publish a pull ask with the changes. Join our Discord or publish to the dialogue board for from now on questions.

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